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Very thoughtful, science-based post about running shoes. All kinds of claims are made about various types of running shoes, but there is so little science to support these claims. We definitely need better research.

Here is an article I wrote for the online magazine Performance. It’s a brief overview of the limited amount of research there actually is linking shoes to (the prevention/recovery of) injuries. Reading the (limited) research really does get you wondering how manufacturers are able to make their billions selling a unsupported story.

Shoes come in all shapes and sizes, designed for many different activities. Design may be led by market preference, fashion and/or ‘science’. Because of the marketing strategies used in sport and sport products, running shoes have attracted ample claims to support their design and effectiveness. But how much data is there…really?

The word on the street

Seemingly scientific claims determine the marketing, sale, and even clinical prescription of trainers. Manufacturers and sales assistants could probably be forgiven; after all, they are working in a commercial environment. However, many podiatrists, osteopaths, and physiotherapists also recommend specific types of…

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CBS news story about joggling

A little over a week ago, CBS ran(or is it “joggled”?) a morning news story about joggling. They mainly focused on a joggler from New York City named Jack Hirschowitz. He’s joggled many marathons and half-marathons over the years, and is a psychiatrist by profession. He’s won many medals and is an impressive juggler over all. I think he could easily beat me in a race.

However, they also interviewed another experienced joggler who claims joggling or some kind of sport juggling was once an Olympic event(he means the modern Olympics). I do not believe this is true. A reproduction of an ancient Greek vase supposedly depicting joggling in ancient times was also shown, but I am very skeptical about this. If it is true, then some of my own ancestors from thousands of years ago may have been jogglers. I could tell people it runs in the family, though it skipped over 60 generations. 

Okay, so I admit it is nice to see joggling getting some coverage, even if some misinformation is included. Maybe this will inspire some more people to take up joggling. I also hope it inspires more rigorous fact-checking.

I’m off to joggle!