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Juggling and joggling at Lyndhurst

Juggling and joggling at Lyndhurst

Juggling at Lyndhurst Castle, in Tarrytown, New York.

Joggling – The most hilarious way to run

Name a type of rigorous exercise that is guaranteed to make many people laugh.

There aren’t very many of them, even with all the new fitness trends out there. According to some hilarious studies, laughter may boost the immune system, and provide stress relief, among other benefits. Some people with serious illnesses may even use laughter therapy as an adjunct to their main treatment.

This is why joggling is such an amazing exercise. It inspires many of the people you encounter while joggling to laugh, besides also making you laugh. It is difficult to think of another exercise where laughter plays such an important part in it.

Laughter is contagious. Every person you make laugh or smile may in turn spread the joy to someone else.

Whatever you do while you joggle, make sure you smile. Never mind if you drop the balls; laugh at yourself when you drop the balls. Run hilariously by joggling. Don’t look so serious while doing it.

The laughter component may be why joggler’s high is so much more powerful than runner’s high. There’s no better way to spread joy while getting the best possible workout. Ultimately, your fitness routine won’t feel like a chore or burden that you have to suffer through. Joggling or juggling while working out makes it fun, funny and fantastic!

Keep on joggling, but don’t forget to laugh.