Are you a Tofi?

Many people who look fit may be anything but. There is a growing phenomenon of “Tofis”, people who are “Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside”. It’s like a more insidious form of obesity, since even the sufferer may be under the illusion that they are healthy when they are actually very fat on the inside. This outwardly hidden excess fat is stored in and around many vital organs which can clog the arteries and lead to heart disease, besides causing many other serious health problems associated with obesity.

This underscores the reason everyone needs to exercise, which is by far the best way to ensure our metabolism doesn’t go awry(besides eating healthy). It still amazes me how often I encounter people who believe “skinny people shouldn’t exercise”, which is usually aimed at me due to how slim I am. 

Above all, and it deserves repetition, fitness should be a lifestyle, not an activity. 


13 responses to “Are you a Tofi?

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  2. Love this post. I get the line, “You’re skinny so you don’t have to exercise, why are you so obsessed with fitness?” Granted, I enjoy being active so it’s not a necessary evil in my life… But maybe it could be flipped the other way, maybe if I wasn’t active I wouldn’t be slim? Who knows… I’ve never been an idle person so I can’t answer that!

    • Thanks.

      It’s ridiculous how many people cling to these strange ideas. Exercise is the best preventive medicine there is. Being very overweight is just one very obvious way of being “out of shape”; there are other, more subtle ways of being out of shape. So many otherwise slim people are out of shape or are Tofis.

      And like you, I’d probably be bigger if I wasn’t so active. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my new Blog. Just feeling my feet. Like your blog and unfortunately have to admit I’m a bit of a Tofi. But unfortunately have to spend my life on steroids, that’s my excuse anyway. thanks fo taking the time.

  4. you’re right…on the other hand there’s got to be a time when people can relax! I can sympathise with people who want to BE fit – but not GET fit.

  5. This is so right! Unfortunately, in such an appearance based society we think we are healthy and good to go if we are thin. True health incorporates so much more, exercise being part of it. Good post, thanks!

  6. true. also valid for models who prefer not to eat to keep their thin and lean body, but no exercise.

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  8. Hi, yeah, Im petite which, if mot monitored, can become short and ft all too quickly. People really bug me when I am trying to et healthy and tay fit-not religiously but conscientiously- by saying,”What are you worried about? You’re so “little”.” I am not really little but I do well; however, I don’t intend o wait until I’m not doing well to then try to repair damage o my body. Been there, done that. The key is to live healthy so you don’t have to repair damage and be constantly going on diets to “get in shape”. Thanks for the good word!

    • That is exactly the way I see things, and I am slim as well. I get that all the time from so many people. One of the keys to healthy living is to be proactive, not reactive. Besides, the earlier we adopt healthy habits, the better. Thanks for your input and for coming by!

  9. Since I was a chubby kid I developed an exercise routine at a young age. In high school I was never skinny, but I was fit. I remember going on a hike with my “skinny” girlfriends and being shocked by how quickly they got tired and wanted to quit. Today, at almost 50, I’m the only one of my girlfriends who is thin (but not a tofi). Skinny certainly does not equal fit or health (and skinny doesn’t always last forever!). Great post! Celeste 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked it. Too many people equate slimness with being healthy, but that is an over-simplification. I’ve known very many chubby athletic people, and also know slim people with heart problems due to an unhealthy diet. Thanks for your comments, Celeste!

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