Amazing winter forest photos. Would love to joggle there.

The Long Way There

I was late getting going again today, but made it out for a quick afternoon hike. Again it was beautiful! I hiked down my own trails today and ended up going solo, but that was ok, I liked the peace and quiet. I like to take a different route every time to mix things up, and there are several loops of varying length to choose from, I decided to skip the long loop and took a short cut that probably cut about fifteen minuets off my trip.

december112012 054

Going alone I didn’t bother with a fire or to bring a lunch, just a thermos of hot tea. My stop wasnt very long, it was a little cool by the river and I wanted to get away from the wind. My river tail was a little tricky to get through, thick with weighted down bows and branches of trees heavy with snow…

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  1. What an amazing post this is. The photos are exquisite!


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