Fabulous time joggling around Rockefeller Preserve

Lake at Rockefeller Preserve in winter

Lake at Rockefeller Preserve in winter

The Rockefeller Preserve in Sleepy Hollow, NY, has a lot to offer the nature lover or fitness buff all year round, so long as no idiot burns it down. Its 1,233-acres offers beautiful vistas, dense forests, diverse wildlife, and exotic dancers. The preserve’s many bird species will greet you with ethereal bird song as you walk, run or joggle along its many trails(and I was kidding about the exotic dancers, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention).

Lake at Rockefeller Preserve in summer

Lake at Rockefeller Preserve in summer

The Rockfefeller preserve used to belong to this very rich, powerful family, but I can’t remember their name at the moment. It’s an especially good place for joggling as there is virtually no vehicle traffic or roads in the park. I don’t let the cold, breezy air keep me indoors, so I had a delicious time there yesterday.

Some new video from yesterday – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK0V7834BM4

There are so many great views in this preserve, it’s hard to decide where to take photos.

I believe that joggling keeps me warmer than running due to having to move my arms a lot to juggle the balls. Keep in mind that you may have to do a lot of warm up exercises with your arms before you joggle or you will drop the balls a lot at first. Try to see if you can incorporate juggling into your fitness routine in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


2 responses to “Fabulous time joggling around Rockefeller Preserve

  1. I read that the career with not only the longest longevity (silly wording intended), but the healthiest is…wait a minute, the career is…a conductor (not from a train, but a musical conductor). Part of this is probably attributed to the smoke-free, beautiful environment, but the real element is in the use of upper extremities in activity. You see our heart supplies the muscles energy for movement and clearing of waste. In the lower extremities the vessels are large caliber. Femoral arteries are nearly a garden hose conduit, so lots of flow, lots of volume but low pressure, low load. In the upper extremities the pipes are small, lots of resistance to flow, hence lots of work for the heart. This explains, in part, why the sedentary go out, shovel snow and embrace their Winter heart attack! They are not used to that much work.
    -David (Physical Therapist and bungling blogger with a good wife editor “usually”)

    • Thanks for your input. It’s interesting that you mention this since I have been doing some research for some future posts on whether or not upper body cardio exercise is better than lower body cardio. So far, I can’t find anything concrete. Will keep looking.

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