Daily Archives: December 28, 2012

If you are having trouble getting started

So you really want to learn how to juggle, and then eventually become a joggler. I admit it isn’t very easy, but if it were very easy it probably wouldn’t even be worth attempting. Adventurers don’t climb Mount Everest because it’s easy.

So you are having trouble getting started. Your coordination is so bad it seems almost impossible for you to juggle. You just want to quit and find something easier to do.

For some of us, going from not being able to juggle to becoming a capable juggler is a huge leap. So it may help to take smaller steps to eventually work your way up to 3 ball cascade juggling.

Among things I would recommend to ease your way into juggling are:

1) Try juggling with juggling scarves instead of balls or beanbags. You can just make your own or you can find some online.

2) Exercise with a jump rope. Jumping rope can help improve your coordination to get you ready for juggling. You can even make your own, though even quality ones are cheap. I used to regularly jump rope years ago as cross-training on days I didn’t run, and I think it made it easier for me to get into juggling and joggling. You can even work up a sweat if you do it long enough. Try doing tricks to break the monotony and to improve your coordination even further.

Other than that, if you’re stuck tossing 2 balls, trying mastering that. Maybe even try two heavy balls(be careful, wear protective gear if they weigh more than 1 lb) to improve your neuro-muscular system to make that 3rd ball easier. Also do upper body strength exercises. It may also help to try meditating for a few minutes before juggling to help you relax and to sharpen your focus. Youtube has lots of juggling tutorials you can check out.

Studies have shown that the brain benefits even if you are a lousy juggler. Don’t worry if your progress is slow. It doesn’t make you dumb or less virtuous if you can’t juggle. Indeed, if you are juggling career obligations and kids, you are already doing an amazing juggling act that surpasses anything a childless guy like me is doing.

Make sure you have fun on your juggling journey.