Ruins of Mansion in Rye, New York

Here are some photos I took of the ruins of the Parsons Mansion in Rye, New York, not far from me.


It burned down in 1942, and no one knows what caused it(it wasn’t me!). It is now in the middle of a densely wooded nature preserve. It’s a splendid area for exploring nature, or for running, only 27.5 miles away from downtown Manhattan.

If you use your imagination, you can see the mansion as it once was. Maybe you can even see or hear the family who lived here, and their servants(or maybe you are seeing ghosts!). It’s hard to resist comparing it to the famous mansion in Downton Abbey(Highclere Castle), but this wasn’t as large or as majestic.

There are few things I love as much as exploring ruins and historical sites.



8 responses to “Ruins of Mansion in Rye, New York

  1. looks like a really good place…cool

  2. Cool that they left it instead of tearing it down. Wish I lived closer to NY!

    • I’m sure you would love it here. We have so many vegan restaurants in the city I can’t even keep track of them anymore. And so many historical sites, ruins and Orthodox Churches.

      • I’ve visited NYC a handful of times but have never managed to visit a church while I was there, although I definitely ate tons of vegan food 🙂 Teany is my favorite. But I never seem to get out of the city. Maybe this year, if I’m lucky…!

  3. We love exploring historic sites and ruins, too. Thank you for stopping by our blog, encouraging and inspiring us to keep blogging our travels near and far.

  4. Looks very similar to the Carnegie Mansion ruins on Cumberland National Seashore in St. Mary’s Georgia. Beautiful.

  5. Would never expect a mansion to fall to ruins! Nice shots and story, WJ! Thanks for dropping my site as well. Check out my “Winter Barns” as a contrast to your mansions! Take care.

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