It’s never too cold for outdoor exercise

IMG_0645I’m loving this cold weather! Bring it on! It was about 16 Farenheit(-8.8 C) when I joggled for an hour this morning. I sure did sweat a lot under all those layers, but I really had no choice. It was great seeing many other people out there running or power-walking. It seems they also adhere to the “No Excuses” approach to fitness, just like I do. It is the only approach that works.

I think my respiratory system is adapting to the cold, since I hardly cough anymore and I don’t suffer from shortness of breath like before. I think being in good health makes it easier to adapt to extreme weather and circumstances, so I am thankful for my health. It’s still flu season, so be careful and get a flu shot if you haven’t already.

6 responses to “It’s never too cold for outdoor exercise

  1. Aren’t you cute 🙂 Your discipline is most admirable. It was 4° Fahrenheit here this morning; unusual.

    • The worst part was the breeze that sometimes made it feel below zero. And then I started to feel hot under all the layers, so sometimes my body felt confused.

  2. It’s 77 degrees here. And going outside already gives me a headache. I miss gray and cold!!!

  3. ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, just weak people’.

  4. True, on Monday i went for a run in the snow. You just need to be careful when defrosting yourself when you get back in a warm house!

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