Brief visit to 1920s New York

2854395745_8e2c25cb0b_zI got in my time machine and made a brief visit to the 1920s.

This was taken at a 1920s jazz festival on Governor’s Island during the summer. Governor’s Island is in New York Harbor, not far from the Statue of Liberty. It’s a short ferry ride from Manhattan to Governor’s Island.

We had a great time there, though I wasn’t dressed properly.

5 responses to “Brief visit to 1920s New York

  1. I wish I lived in a different time period!

  2. I love old cars. Thare is something about them: the shape, the colors, and the details… everything.

  3. Spacibo for visiting my blog, Maryana. Neither of the cars in the photo are mine, but I love the design too. I’ll go work on my time machine.

  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to either throw or attend a 1920s themed party. Such beautiful clothing, hair, design…most of it really.

    • If I hear of any, I will let you know. Would a 1940s party be just as good? I enjoy the music from that era, but I’m not a big fan of vintage fashion. I don’t even know how to dress right in my own era… take care and don’t get stuck in that blizzard.

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