Soy Boy Verde vegan Ravioli

IMG_0830I had this yesterday. It was super-delicious with marinara sauce and chopped kale. Since it is vegan, it is stuffed with tofu and spices instead of cheese. Here are the ingredients:

IMG_0832Too bad you can’t taste it.


2 responses to “Soy Boy Verde vegan Ravioli

  1. areallysmallfarm

    Sounds tasty. I use tofu in a few recipes that traditionally call for eggs and milk like pumpkin pie filling. I also use tofu plus mashed pinto beans in lasagna rather than mozzerella cheese.

  2. Glad you like it. That idea of mixing tofu with mashed pinto beans sounds like a splendid idea, I may try it out when I get the chance. Thanks for stopping by.

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