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Ibuprofen and distance running

IMG_1224Many runners take Ibuprofen or other NSAIDs(non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to deal with the soreness that is almost inevitable after running very long distances or races.

But do these drugs interfere with running?

According to researchers at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, as reported in the Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, Ibuprofen administration during endurance training cancels running-distance-dependent adaptations of skeletal muscle in mice:


Exercise training induces many adaptations in skeletal muscle, representative examples of which include an increase in the IIa myofibre and an increase in the capillary-to-fibre ratio (C:F ratio). Moreover, these phenomena are thought to be dependent on running distance. Ibuprofen is one non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is often used as an analgesic, but its effect on skeletal muscle adaptation during endurance training is unclear. In the present study, therefore, we administered ibuprofen to mice during running wheel exercise for four weeks, and examined its effects on the increase in the IIa myofibre and the C:F ratio in skeletal muscle. We observed a significant increase of the IIa myofibre and C:F ratio even in the presence of ibuprofen. Moreover, in untreated mice, there was a significant positive and strong correlation between these parameters and running distance. These results indicate that the increase in the IIa myofibre and the C:F ratio in skeletal muscle usually depend on running distance. Interestingly, we observed no significant correlation between these parameters and running distance in ibuprofen-administered mice. Moreover, we found no significant increase of these parameters when the running distance was significantly increased, in comparison with untreated mice. These results indicate that ibuprofen administration during endurance training cancels running-distance-dependent adaptations in skeletal muscle. This suggests that even if ibuprofen administration facilitates longer-distance running, no further effects of training on skeletal muscle can be expected.

Yes, this is still at an early stage of research, but this makes me glad I don’t take Ibuprofen or any other NSAIDs. It looks like interfering with the inflammatory process prevents proper recovery and adaptation, which is so important for getting better at running. If I must do something about soreness and inflammation, I will just drink tart cherry juice or take turmeric, which don’t usually have long-lasting effects. Also, dehydration can make NSAIDs more toxic to the liver and kidneys, so it is definitely not a good idea for people who run long distances in the heat to take NSAIDs.

A moderate amount of inflammation can help initiate healing, but too much can hinder it(it is also a factor in many diseases). Too little inflammation is also not good for similar reasons, so you do not want to turn the inflammatory response off completely.

Chakras and joggling

One of the keys to joggling is to access more of your vital life force, or “prana”. Your chakras are centers of vital life energy, sort of like batteries, and accessing the trapped quantum energy from them can strongly influence how well you perform.

How can we access this energy? By opening up an extra chakra and the infinite wisdom they contain. Most of us have one or more of them closed. But by opening up an extra chakra, you will not only be able to joggle, but will be able to do so for miles and miles in a powerful quantum chakra state. Remember that all energy is infinite wisdom transformed through self-love.

To open up an extra chakra, you must:

1) Stop eating all garlic and onions. These foods divert prana away from the arms and legs and toward the stomach, and will make it difficult to open up the chakras that will allow you to joggle, besides bad breath interfering with the desired quantum state. In scientific terms, halitosis interferes with quantum superposition. Eating garlic can also interfere with your dating life, unless you are dating an Italian, but this is a whole other issue.

2) Stand upside down on your hands or hang upside down for 15 minutes a day. This will draw blood to the head and upper body and help to force open the extra chakra you need to be able to joggle. This will allow your wisdom to be liberated.

3) Punch a man with red hair in the face. The red hair must be natural, and he must be at least 5’6″. You must punch him hard. You don’t have to fight him, you can run away very fast afterwards. The very masculine, very hostile energy coming from the angry redhead will help to completely open the closed chakra. If he punches back, it still counts. Remember that chakras are like wheels, and this act will cause the wheels to turn as quickly as possible, helping you toward advanced quantum phasing.

Only by doing these 3 things will you be able to joggle. If you do not go through with them, you will never be able to joggle.

The above is a satire.

Some tips for extreme heat running/joggling

What I look like after 40 minutes of joggling outside when its 88 F(31 C).

What I look like after 40 minutes of joggling outside when its 88 F(31 C).

1) Run at a slower pace.

2) Drink plenty of fluids that contain electrolytes(don’t forget to drink before running). Sports drinks are better than water in very hot weather. Make sure you are getting enough sodium and magnesium in particular.

3) Unless you are very used to running in the heat, take short breaks every 20 minutes both to cool off and to replace fluids.

4) Wear light colored clothing since these keep you cooler than dark colored clothing. Consider running bare-chested(guys only).

5) Apply sunscreen liberally. Not only to prevent sunburn and skin cancer, but because sun-damaged skin doesn’t sweat and cool off as efficiently.

6) If you’re new to running in very hot weather, give yourself a week to acclimate yourself. Don’t over do it. Your sweat glands need time to adjust.

7) Unless you’re a pro, don’t push yourself or try to set new records except on cooler days.

8) Joggling will make you sweat more than just running, so you may need even more water and electrolytes compared to regular runners if you joggle.

9) If it is dangerously hot, and humid, and there’s an ozone alert(which means poor air quality), consider running on a treadmill indoors.

10) If you believe you are experiencing heat exhaustion, stop exercising immediately and seek shelter in a cool place as soon as possible. Drink plenty of electrolyte-containing fluids if also dehydrated.

11) Avoid outdoor exercise during the time of day when the temperature is at its hottest.