Daily Archives: July 1, 2013

RIP Sarah Guillot-Guyard

This is a sad day. We just lost a very accomplished athlete and circus performer. Besides being a very accomplished acrobat, Sarah Guillot-Guyard was also a mother of two. Some people may believe acrobatics is inherently dangerous(see my recent post: The “dangers of running and the availability heuristic”), but this is the first death of a performer in the entire history of the Cirque du Soleil. There is no such thing as a 100% safe activity.

Her family and friends have my condolences. As terrible as this is, Guyard died doing something she loved.



Wild Juggling at Just Your Average Joggler!

I was recently interviewed by Perry Romanowski over at Just Your Average Joggler! Its an honor to be featured there, alongside many other, far more accomplished jogglers like Joe Salter(first person to juggle through an entire Triathlon)and Matt Feldman (holds record for fastest 5 ball joggling), among many others. They are both world record holders, and Perry holds the world record for joggling 50 miles. I currently hold no records.

There are so many different approaches to joggling and sport juggling these days, it’s getting really exciting. Be sure to read the many interviews about joggling on the site.

AsĀ  I’ve mentioned before, Just Your Average Joggler is the best joggling site. I hope you visit it and follow it, and not just to read my interview.