Are you a psychopath?

Here’s an interesting test to see if you are a psychopath or not: 20 Signs That You Are A Psychopath

Sorry folks, joggling isn’t one of the signs. Since this is an online test, it is usually a good idea to take the results with a grain of salt. If you are not a psychopath, you probably know someone who is.

I don’t think I know any psychopaths personally, unless they are very good at disguising their psychopathic tendencies. The smartest ones are the most dangerous since they are experts at concealing their psychopathy.

7 responses to “Are you a psychopath?

  1. I’m kind of afraid to take that test. 🙂 I know I’m weird, but I don’t think I am a psychopath. but that reminds me of & psychopaths, which I just watched, which was really good.

    • Even if you are a psychopath, not all psychopaths are criminals. And maybe society even needs psychopaths to do the “dirty” work that occasionally needs to be done. Or maybe it is the psychopaths spreading that idea.

      Just being “afraid” of taking such a test is good evidence that you are not a psycho, since if you were, you wouldn’t be afraid of the results.

  2. theegirlnextstore

    Well I’m glad to tell you I am not a psychopath:D

    • I don’t have any psychopathic followers? I should try harder, I was hoping I had a few. I never suspected you though.

  3. Good news – I am *not* a psychopath!!
    Btw, I thought of you when I saw this burger recipe today:

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