What is the key element of personal transformation?

Is it self-love? Is it having supportive friends? Is it having the right personal philosophy? Is it just a matter of determination? What prevents it?

How does a person change for the better, to become a healthier, more whole individual?

If you have transformed yourself, how did you go about it?

2 responses to “What is the key element of personal transformation?

  1. theegirlnextstore

    First I want to say I’m glad you opened up such a topic, I happened to be wondering about it myself the other day. Personally, after months of therapy and self discovery, I’d have to say it all begins with self love. When you love yourself truly, beyond your flaws and your short comings, that is when you open up to a whole different perspective of EVERY single thing in life. At least that’s what happened for me; my transformation came when I stopped my self destruction over every little mishap I encounter and began to love myself.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story of transformation. I think we can all agree it isn’t easy, but it is easier with the right attitude(like self-love), and you are so right about how a change of perspective is very important. I also think that setting realistic goals is also important, but beyond this I can’t say I’m an expert on the subject. I just love to read stories of how people overcome serious life issues.

    I think your story is inspirational, so thanks for commenting, and do come again.

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