Semen quality and diet


Sperm fertilizing egg. Source – Public domain.

We rarely discuss reproductive health on this blog, so I thought it was about time we looked into how diet can affect semen quality. According to the Department of Reproductive Biology and Medicine, Instituto Bernabeu, Alicante, Spain, in Food intake and its relationship with semen quality: a case-control study:


Frequent intake of lipophilic foods like meat products or milk may negatively affect semen quality in humans, whereas some fruits or vegetables may maintain or improve semen quality.

Yet another negative consequence of meat consumption. So much for the idea it is required for virility.

2 responses to “Semen quality and diet

  1. It’s important that potential Daddies watch their health just as much as potential Mommies! Good post!!!

  2. Exactly, and thanks!

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