Another reason to floss

We all know we have to floss, but it is something some of us forget to do, or we think it isn’t as important as brushing. Besides, what could possibly go wrong if I don’t floss every day?

Never flossing increased mortality risk 30% compared with flossing everyday.

From: Dental Health Behaviors, Dentition, and Mortality in the Elderly: The Leisure World Cohort Study

So don’t forget to floss next time! Flossing could literally save your life. If you’re tired of mint waxed floss, you can try bacon flavored or cupcake flavored floss. I kid you not! 10 Strange Dental Care Flavors

4 responses to “Another reason to floss

  1. This reminded me of two articles I read in The New York Times years ago. Interestingly, I thought I remembered these stories together in the same article, but they were printed months apart. But anyway, this one about the Father of Floss:

    And another about Listerine:

    I still don’t floss regularly, but I’m trying really hard to make it habit. The hygienist likes to remind me, “pockets of air will form in your gums, and your teeth will fall out!”

    • Thanks for sharing that. It is super important, as important as brushing. I also use a tongue-scrapper.

      More and more we keep finding links between poor dental health and heart disease. Bacteria in a mouth with periodontal disease may even find their way to the heart and cause damage according to some studies. I hope you’re doing well!

  2. Omg! I didn’t realise it was so important! I was never brought up to floss and still don’t… :S

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