Running backwards

If you’re bored with regular running, you should give backwards running a try. To make sure you don’t bump into anyone or anything, just look over your shoulder every 10 to 20 seconds. Or do it at a track. Or run with a group of people who are running forward to be your eyes. Just don’t try doing it at the Grand Canyon.

If you joggle, you can even try backwards joggling. Joe Salter, who Perry Romanowski of Justyouraveragejoggler calls “the most innovative joggler” recently ran a marathon while joggling backwards. Congratulations to Joe! It took him 5:51 and he dropped twice. He also completed an entire triathlon while juggling the whole time.

I rarely run backwards, but I may try it out more often when I need more variety.

Thank you Joe for your inspiration!

5 responses to “Running backwards

  1. Sometimes I do it for part of my warm up – the backwards part, not the joggling part. 🙂

  2. Not that you need this benefit 🙂 But people like me who were off their feet for a few years and now have skimpy looking calves, running or walking backwards actually helps build calves faster. So it is not only something fun to try but also beneficial for people like me 🙂

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