Happy Anniversary to Wild Juggling!


Running the 2013 Yonkers Marathon while juggling

It has been exactly one year since the founding of Wild Juggling! Over the past year, Wild Juggling has grown to 290 posts, 675 followers, slightly over 25,000 page views, and something around 150 bad jokes. It has been viewed and continues to get viewed in dozens of countries around the world.

Also over the past year, I have become a faster runner, ran one marathon in under 4 hours while juggling, did one podcast interview, and even partially joggled up a “mountain”.

But even more important, based on feedback I have gotten, I have inspired many people to exercise more(and I have been inspired in return). Some people tell me they are interested in going vegan because of my example. I still haven’t met a person who became a joggler though after reading my site, but inspiring people to joggle isn’t the main purpose of this blog. Inspiring people to live healthier lives, and to have more fun with exercise is the main purpose.

Thanks to all my followers for your support. All of you are great, and I continue to learn from you and your sites. I always look forward to your feedback. It has been fun. Let’s make Wild Juggling’s second year even more fun. Oh, and be sure to come back later since there will be a giveaway contest to celebrate the anniversary.

Screenshot from 2013-11-09 09:10:32

Countries of the world where Wild Juggling has been viewed

7 responses to “Happy Anniversary to Wild Juggling!

  1. Yayyy! Well done – such an achievement! You even got a viewer from Greenland!? And I thought that was impossible!

    • Thank you! It’s always great having you around. I wish I had your artistic talent. I’ll trade you my viewer from Greenland for your artistic talent. I’m surprised sometimes by the number of visitors I get from Malta, and I never heard of the Aland islands before I got visitors from them. They are supposed to be an autonomous region of Finland. I wish you and your blog much success!

      • Thank you so much. It’s ok, you’ve always been my most supportive and unique (I mean you run marathons and juggle at the same time!!) follower! I haven’t heard of that island before either! It’s amazing how the internet brings people together – I love it!

      • You’re welcome. It’s always great having you around. I often look at your designs for inspiration, I think they are beginning to influence me.

        Still got 2 South American countries to go until I have all of South America!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Keep up the wonderful work. You’re an inspiration indeed 🙂

    • Thanks, and same to you. You’re very inspirational as well, Abby. I wish you well in your blogging and health adventures.

  3. Happy Blogoversary! Your jokes are never bad 🙂

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