Brooklyn Marathon here I come!

All those rumors swirling around the blogosphere are true. I will be running the Brooklyn Marathon on the 17th, which is this sunday. I will be juggling the whole time, while wearing a tutu. Actually, I’m just kidding about the tutu.

It looks like the weather will be perfect for running a marathon. If you are in the area and want to see what joggling is all about, this is your chance to see it live. It’s so awesome that it will be held in Prospect Park, which is right next to the Park Slope neighborhood. Park Slope is one of the most vegan-friendly communities in the entire north-eastern U.S.

This will be my second marathon, so I’m hoping to achieve a faster time compared to how I did at the Yonkers Marathon. Wish me luck everyone, and I wish all my fellow runners and other athletes success with their races.

4 responses to “Brooklyn Marathon here I come!

  1. So I guess you were the reason all my friends looked at me with mild disdain and said “The other vegan is juggling” as I ran by them…

    • What can I say… I think it helps the vegan cause to push ourselves to our limits. Some people I know used to think I couldn’t run a marathon at all because my vegan diet makes me “weak”.

      Sure I’m not much speed-wise, but joggling is so much fun, and a lot of people thanked me afterwards for making their marathon experience more entertaining. I hope you’re doing great and you stay vegan-strong. You could learn to joggle if you put your mind to it. It was a great race experience, in spite of the rain. Take care!

  2. Another Vegan friend finished in just over 3:30. I guess I either need to speed up or pick up some juggling balls!

    That said, I also feel somewhat of a need to prove my vegan fitness through running. It’s as if we are obligated to disprove all of the old, and incorrect, notions about veganism.

    Anyway, happy running!

  3. Thanks for coming by again, and congratulations to you and your vegan runner friends. I’m thinking of doing more interval training to improve my speed. Maybe I could become as fast as your friend or faster.

    I know exactly how you feel, and that’s one of the reasons I love joggling so much. Even if I was a meat-eater, it would still be a ton of fun. But disproving vegan myths while joggling makes it even more fun, like rubbing it in the faces of people who believe those silly myths about veganism. It’s super fitness, and a science experiment, and activism all rolled(or juggled) into one.

    Now I’m wondering who you were, if you were one of the vegans I talked with, however briefly it may have been. The girl with the interesting tattoos? The blonde woman in the blue pants?

    Whoever you are, have fun with your running, and good luck with your next race.

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