My post marathon progress

I hope everyone is having a terrific autumn and is ready for the Holiday season. Many of you may be wondering how I am doing after last week’s marathon, which was 6 days ago. So how am I doing exactly?

  • About 95% of the soreness is gone
  • I’ve run about 25 miles this week

To help me recover I’ve been eating a lot of fresh blueberries and other fruits, and drinking a lot of tart cherry juice to deal with the inflammation. I can’t say for sure if they have helped lessen the inflammation, but at least they provide carbs, vitamins, and minerals. I’ve also been doing strength-training. This has almost certainly helped rebuild the muscle that was damaged during the marathon. For some reason, I was more sore after this marathon than after the hillier Yonkers Marathon. I suspect it may have been due to not doing enough leg strengthening exercises before(and maybe not getting enough sleep). I read somewhere that it may not help or may even hurt your marathon performance if you do strength training very close to a marathon, so didn’t do it for a week prior to the Brooklyn Marathon, while I did strength training a few days before my first marathon.

I also didn’t run until 3 days after the Brooklyn Marathon, compared to 2 days after the Yonkers Marathon, and then have been doing short, easy runs, nothing beyond 9.5 miles yet. On the days that I rested my legs, I did some heavy ball juggling for cardio.

I will resume running longer distances next week. Thanks to everyone for your tips and support!

If you ran a marathon recently, please tell us how your post marathon training and recovery is going.

2 responses to “My post marathon progress

  1. a friend of mine who is running marathons told me that he is also much less sore after running the Jungfrau Marathon (Switzerland) than a regular one on flat ground. He says its because of running uphill makes him vary the steps.

    No idea if its true as I only run short distances 🙂

    • This may be one of the many ironies of running, if it turns out to be true for me as well. We’ll see what happens after I do a few more marathons.

      This reminds me of another ironic kind of thing that sometimes happens to me. There are those days when I don’t feel like running at all, I feel weak, or I feel sore. Yet I force myself to run, and next thing I know I set a new record.

      Then there are those days when I feel very energetic, and yet I can’t run more than 20 minutes without tiring out, and turning around and walking home. Sometimes our bodies just don’t make sense. Keep on running! Thanks for coming by and do come again!

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