Supergranny ultra-runner

One of the most common, yet lamest excuses for not exercising is “I’m too old”. It’s funny how young some of these “old” people are. I sometimes meet 40 year olds who think it is too late to start running or cycling. What nonsense!

But don’t just take my word for it. Meet Andjelina Andjelic, the “Supergran”, a 77 year old grandmother from Serbia who runs 100 km ultra-marathons for fun:

The Belgrade-bomber, as she is known to her friends, only took up running at the age of 55 when she thought that it was time that she ‘started to live a little bit more healthily.’

Since making that decision she has pounded her way through 100 pairs of trainers and competed in such celebrated urban races as the New York, Rome and London marathons.

‘I first started to run 100 metres to see if I even could do that. Then I went for 200, 500 and after a while I participated at race of 5,000 metres’, she said. ‘Sometimes I have to ask the organisers not to pack up and go home before I cross the finish line.

What an inspiring person! If she can do this, what is holding you back?

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