Documentary about the Vegan Joggler

Thanks to a very talented group of students from Bronxville high school for producing this short film. Although I kind of liked being this mysterious figure and this makes me a lot less of one, I’m still glad I got to share my story since a lot of people find it inspiring. I was very impressed with the finished product, especially the music. I rarely mention the horrible backstory that lead me to take up joggling because it was eons ago and now my joggling is so intertwined with my veganism that I almost forget how it all started.

If you like stories about passion and perseverance, then this is for you. All credit for the documentary goes to Ohto, John George, and Scott; I didn’t film or edit this, that was all their work. There are no special effects. I hope all you fit-freaks and even non-fit-freaks around the world find it informative and inspiring.

7 responses to “Documentary about the Vegan Joggler

  1. Chris, I am proud of you man! Adding your backstory to the talent you have developed is truly inspiring. The Bronxville HS students did you well. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you Eric! I really do have the best supporters. The local community really does love the joggling, though some think I’m a little crazy. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. This is so cool! thanks for posting. I had visualized the joggling, but nothing is quite like seeing it on film.

  4. Really nice to see you in action and hear you talk about your passion!

    • Thanks Bruges! Glad you enjoyed the video. I hope to make many more when I have time. I hope all is well in Belgium.

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