Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Burger

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There are so many choices these days when it comes to plant-based burgers, it’s never been easier to go meatless during grilling season.

One of my current favorites is Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Burger. It tastes great! It’s savory and kind of beefy, and it also has a “meaty” texture which I enjoy. I love it with tomato, onion and arugula. This was yummy and very filling. Also easy to prepare. Plant-based burgers or veggie burgers have come a long way over the past 2 decades. I remember when I first went vegan how bland most veggie burgers were, and there was little choice. Now there’s a plethora of options.

The Beyond burger, another one of my favorites, tastes beefy to the point that some non-vegans are fooled into thinking it is beef and some vegans find the beefiness disturbing or unpleasant. I think the Gardein burger is nearly as good as the Beyond burger, which is typically pricier.

What is your favorite plant-based burger? Or do you prefer to make your own? If you prefer making your own, please share your favorite recipe!

5 responses to “Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Burger

  1. Beyond Burger isn’t available here yet, but will be soon. A bit double feelings about it though.

  2. We love Gardein’s burger. My (also vegan) husband loves the Beyond Burger and I think it’s good, but since I’m the one who cooks it, I find the beefy smell (which lingers for hours) and red ooze in the pan a bit disturbing, so we don’t have it as often.

    • That’s great! I don’t eat either of them very often, and I was a little disturbed by the Beyond Burger at first too, but I really love it now. Maybe instead of “beefy” it may be better to think of it as “savory” if the idea of beefiness is off-putting to you and other vegans. Of course, not an issue to omnivores who love beef but are interested in going plant-based.

      • It might put me off a bit, but I do know some omnivores who loved it (one said it was even better than a beef burger) and that’s a good start. So I’ll always bring some to a BBQ.

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