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Crazy cherry kefir juice

IMG_161666After leaving the black cherry juice to ferment for 2 days with 2 tablespoons of water kefir grains in them along with a bit of molasses, I decided to drink it.

It was much too alcoholic. It tasted far more like wine than juice, and I felt a little “weird”(a bit dizzy and a little bit light-headed) after I drank some of it. I should have remembered to not leave it to ferment too long during the summer, since the heat speeds up the fermentation process, turning it into alcohol much faster. I should have left it for a day and a half. There was hardly any sweetness since most of the sugar had been converted to alcohol or acid.

I really do not know how much alcohol is in it, but I’m guessing anywhere from 2% to 5%, though it tastes like even more than 5% – this could be due to the fact that I am so not used to drinking alcohol. I’ll let a friend or relative who is a drinker have some to tell me what they think the alcohol content is. Since I am not fond of alcohol, I dilute this before drinking. I have so much of this stuff I will need help drinking it – come on over if you want to have a vegan cherry wine party. If you can sing or dance, even better!

Unfortunately, I lack the tools to figure out the % alcohol of this beverage; past a certain % I think I would be in violation of several local laws. So I decided to test myself to see if that “weirdness” I was feeling after drinking my first glass meant my blood alcohol level went up and my cognitive abilities were compromised. So I grabbed some balls and started to juggle, and did so flawlessly. I grabbed an extra ball to juggle 4, and did this for about half a minute before dropping, which is normal for me.

I then ran out the door to joggle for a few miles. I didn’t drop. I decided to take it up a notch and do some basic tricks. I dropped them once, but again, this is pretty normal for me. I even did some sprinting while juggling, and no drops.

I then decided to do the most difficult joggling trick I know, which involves juggling in a 3 ball cascade pattern while running, throwing one of the balls high in the air, followed by quickly spinning by body around(while running forward), then catching the ball as I complete my spin, and finally resuming 3 ball cascade juggling while running. The neighborhood kids love this one, especially when I trip on something and fall to the ground(this happens every now and then).

I tried it the first time and I was successful, though not flawless since I almost dropped. I tried it the second time, and was successful again. I totally screwed up on the 3rd try, but then was successful when I tried it the 4th time. Normally I have a 25% success rate with this trick, so this was pretty impressive considering I still felt a little weird from the kefir drink. Since this trick involves spinning around, it requires a lot of space and no people in my path. I get dizzier the more I do it, so I have my limits when it comes to this trick.

So I’m guessing the alcohol content of the cherry kefir couldn’t have been higher than maybe 4% tops, since any more probably would have compromised my juggling ability. I only joggled in intervals for a few miles, didn’t go too far.