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You get most of your protein from nuts?!

Rumors have been swirling around about this for quite some time. I thought it was time to tell the truth. I do, in fact, on many days get most of my protein from nuts. Or a delicious combination of nuts and legumes. The Wild Juggler is in fact a vegetarian.


So how is this possible? Is he, yet again, violating the laws of physics? Truth be told, nuts are a great source of protein.
1/4 cup of almonds contains about 6 grams of protein.

While it also has a lot of fat, it is mostly the healthy, unsaturated kind of fat. Almonds and many other nuts are also good sources of fiber, minerals, and protective phyto-chemicals, similar to the ones in tea and some vegetables. I love my nuts raw and unprocessed. I don’t eat nuts that have added oils, salt, sugar or anything. Read labels. I often snack on nuts after a long joggle.

If you’re afraid that eating nuts will cause weight gain, do not worry. I eat tons of nuts almost every day; if you’ve been pecan at my photos, you know I’m not exactly obese. Still not convinced?

According to Fitwatch.com, eating nuts regularly can help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism – Why Eating Nuts Can Help You Lose Weight

Fiber, always your friend, helps prevent the fat from getting absorbed. I think nuts are a great way to replace meat and dairy in your diet. People who eat a lot of nuts are generally slimmer, on average than those who eat the least. Nut butters make a great snack and are good for making sandwiches. Peanut butter is one of my favorites, though technically, peanuts are a legume.

I totally love nuts. When people call me a “nut”, I take it as a compliment. So go nuts with nuts, and try to violate the laws of physics with your fitness routine!

CBS news story about joggling

A little over a week ago, CBS ran(or is it “joggled”?) a morning news story about joggling. They mainly focused on a joggler from New York City named Jack Hirschowitz. He’s joggled many marathons and half-marathons over the years, and is a psychiatrist by profession. He’s won many medals and is an impressive juggler over all. I think he could easily beat me in a race.

However, they also interviewed another experienced joggler who claims joggling or some kind of sport juggling was once an Olympic event(he means the modern Olympics). I do not believe this is true. A reproduction of an ancient Greek vase supposedly depicting joggling in ancient times was also shown, but I am very skeptical about this. If it is true, then some of my own ancestors from thousands of years ago may have been jogglers. I could tell people it runs in the family, though it skipped over 60 generations. 

Okay, so I admit it is nice to see joggling getting some coverage, even if some misinformation is included. Maybe this will inspire some more people to take up joggling. I also hope it inspires more rigorous fact-checking.

I’m off to joggle!