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Some good news and some bad news

2014-01-26 09.43.11First the bad news: My Yaktrax Walker Traction┬áDevice started falling apart a few days ago, after only a month of occasional use! The rubber strands are coming apart, and some parts of the metal rings have come off or are loose. While I can still wear it, it doesn’t do the job like it used to, and it starts coming off my sneakers after running only a few miles. In fact, just yesterday I lost one of my two traction enhancers. It fell off in a very snowy area and I didn’t even notice until long after. This makes the one I do have left which is pictured above all but useless – what good is one traction enhancer?

This is very disappointing. I was hoping they would last at least until the end of the winter. It looks like these are made for walking in wintry conditions, not distance running.

The good news: I am making great progress with recovering from the knee injury. I ran 10 miles yesterday, and only felt a little soreness in my right knee. It was a very slow run due to the snow and ice on the ground, not to mention the cold air, but it felt great to cover this distance after almost 2 weeks of no significant running(I did a 3 mile run a few days ago). I hope the soreness continues to go away. I may attempt a long run soon.

I hope everyone is doing great!