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Vegan sausage and peppers

IMG_1258This was a very tasty, spicy, high protein meal. It is also a quick meal to prepare. Perfect for those recovering from vigorous exercise. Sausage and peppers are everywhere this time of year, especially at local street fairs. Unfortunately, in my area they are never vegan. So I figured I would make my own.

I used one Tofurkey Italian sausage(30 g of protein), along with the 3 pepper Melange a Trois, both of which I got from Trader Joe’s. The Melange a Trois is a combination of 3 different colored peppers, red, green, and yellow. I also added some onions, I can never get enough onions or garlic, and I sauteed the sausage and peppers and onions for about 10 minutes in extra virgin olive oil. Although I am not Italian, I sometimes suspect my garlic addiction indicates I am an atavism of some remote Italian ancestor. Or better yet, maybe you can call me an “atavismo”. Sounds better doesn’t it?

The Melange a Trois is found in the frozen food section at Trader Joe’s or you can just get peppers from any grocery store. The only minor problem I had was not having the right type of bread. The bread slices I have are too soft to make sausage sandwiches with, so I ended up crumbling the bread into the sausage and pepper mix. It was still a fabulous meal and recommend it to vegans and non-vegans alike.


Vegan pizza with Daiya vegan cheese

It was pizza night last night, and I wanted to try something new. This is the first time I have ever used Daiya vegan cheese.

I used some pizza dough I got from the local Stew Leonard’s supermarket.


I got the Daiya from the local health food store for $5.99, which is pricey so I won’t be getting this very often. The sauce I got was from the Stop and Shop supermarket, and I got the Stop and Shop brand(roasted garlic tomato sauce) which tastes very similar to the gourmet Rao’s brand pasta sauce, but less expensive than Rao’s.

IMG_1012I added a dash of cayenne pepper since I love it spicy and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. Here is how it turned out.

IMG_1014It was better than expected. Very yummy and filling. Vegan cheeses have come a long way over the years. Still, even some soy cheese alternatives often have added casein, a milk protein, which makes no sense. Daiya is 100% vegan, as well as soy and gluten free.

Soy Boy Verde vegan Ravioli

IMG_0830I had this yesterday. It was super-delicious with marinara sauce and chopped kale. Since it is vegan, it is stuffed with tofu and spices instead of cheese. Here are the ingredients:

IMG_0832Too bad you can’t taste it.