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Sparkling cherry lemon kefir juice

IMG_1642I just made another batch of amazing cherry kefir juice. I love experimenting with this stuff. This is based on this which is based on this. This time, I fermented the black cherry juice for only 24 hours at room temperature, and added only a teaspoon of molasses to the half gallon jar. I then removed the water kefir grains and put it in the refrigerator overnight. I squeezed an entire lemon into it after pouring it into the glass.

This time it came even closer to perfection than the last time. This time, it tasted so much more like a natural soda since I couldn’t even taste any alcohol. It must be there, but it is probably less than 0.5% alcohol. It was very fizzy, with a significant amount of sweetness due to the natural fruit sugars and a whisper of molasses. If you remember last time, it came out more wine-like than soda-like(especially jar 1 that was left to ferment at room temperature longer, while jar 2 was less wine-like).

It tasted sort of like a blend of cherry cola and 7 Up, except this is probiotic and naturally carbonated. Since I didn’t ferment it for too long, it’s not that acidic. I tend to enjoy the sourness of fermented beverages, so it tasted like the sourness was “missing”. This is why I added some lemon, which made it taste divine.

I highly recommend it. It’s a terrific recovery beverage for endurance athletes.

Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol

I really enjoyed this post by Tom Cronin – Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol & How To Cut Back On Booze Without Being A Hermit.

It echoes my thoughts on alcohol consumption and why I don’t drink. It’s not for religious reasons. Some of you may think that I am being inconsistent since I just did a series on kefir making. However, as I have already pointed out, these ferments are seldom more than 1% – 2% alcohol(and most likely about 0.5% alcohol), which has virtually no affect on cognition. So I can still call myself a teetotaler. Keep in mind that some ripe fruit contains about 1% alcohol.

The Cronin article has a lot of helpful advice and isn’t preachy. There’s also useful tips on meditation on that site.