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Soy Tender Sandwiches

IMG_2045I had this for dinner last night. Here’s a quick vegan meal idea that is also a great, high protein recovery meal. I used:

  • Trader Joe’s Chickenless Crispy Tenders
  • Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Hambuger Buns
  • So Good Vegan Miso Mayo
  • Sunja’s Medium Spicy Kimchi

I got the Miso Mayo and Sunja’s Kimchi from the local health food store, not from Trader Joe’s. It’s great that Sunja’s Kimchi is vegan, since kimchi from Asian markets and restaurants usually contains fish or shrimp.

Screenshot from 2013-10-02 13:54:45It takes only 20 minutes to cook the Chickenless Tenders(they taste just like Gardein Tenders). The Miso Mayo tastes like mayo but with a strong soy miso component; add the kimchi and the sandwich has a strong Asian twist to it. It was delicious, tastes very “chickeny”, and was very filling.

Lentils with bulgur wheat


I adore lentils. They are little gems of protein and so versatile, I can eat them every day. They are commonly eaten in the Middle East and adjacent regions, usually with rice, but I decided to use bulgur wheat instead. Bulgur wheat is also a staple of many Middle Eastern countries. I am minimizing my rice consumption(both white and brown) these days due it possibly playing a role in diabetes, and because other grains, like bulgur wheat, have a far superior nutritional value.

Bulgur wheat is often confused with cracked wheat. This may help clear up any confusion – GRAIN BASICS – BULGHUR (BULGAR) AND

It took about 30 minutes to cook the entire meal, boiling the green lentils(which require more cooking time) first in half water/half vegetable broth. I then added some red pepper powder, black pepper, and garlic powder. I also added chopped onions, along with chopped garlic, and a dash of olive oil. It tasted great, though I think it would have been better if I had added some cumin.

As a side dish/appetizer, I had some Korean kimchi(or Korean pickle), which helps stimulate digestion due to its spiciness and friendly bacteria. Koreans eat kimchi with almost every meal. The kimchi wasn’t homemade(it was Sunja’s Medium Spicy Kimchi), but it is vegan. Kimchi in Asian restaurants usually has shrimp or fish added to it. I occasionally make my own sauerkraut, but every time I try to make kimchi it doesn’t turn out well. The ingredients in this kimchi are: cabbage, carrots, red peppers, leeks, green onions, garlic, ginger, sea salt.

Lentils with bulgur wheat can also be considered an example of “Mediterranean” cuisine, besides “Middle Eastern”, depending on your definition of “Mediterranean”(many Middle Eastern countries have Mediterranean coasts, so I see no reason why they they can’t be considered both). The Mediterranean diet is back in the news these days due to recent research reaffirming how healthy it is, in part due to legumes like lentils being an important protein source in many Mediterranean countries. So you can’t go wrong by consuming more lentils. The east Asian diet is also similarly healthy, so combining the two has a uniquely healthful synergism to it.

All in all, a delicious vegan power meal that is a fusion of the best of Middle Eastern and Korean cuisine.