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Moon Joggers

Here is an inspiring story about a group of runners from around the world who decided to run the distance from the Earth to the moon(238,857 miles/384,403 km) by combining their miles – A simple fitness goal shoots to the moon: The inspiring story of the Moon Joggers

They wondered, could they enlist the help of others and run the distance to the moon — 238,857 miles?

“We thought if we could get 237 other people to run 1,000 miles, we’d get there by the end of the year,” says Angie, 31, who works with special-needs children in Frisco while working on her MBA. “We put it on Facebook, and it exploded.”

That was Dec. 1. Within the month, “we had hundreds of people all over the world,” she says.

On May 23, seven months and eight days earlier than scheduled, the runners had accumulated enough miles to reach the moon. When Angie posted the big news on Facebook, Moon Joggers in Finland, Turkey, Egypt and New Zealand as well as the United States posted giddy congratulations.

This is really neat and inspiring. Very often, the right kind of motivation makes all the difference. There are so many different approaches that can keep runners motivated. This is one of the most unique ones I’ve heard of in a while. It’s like I always say, be creative when it comes to fitness, use your imagination.

I gotta admit of course that I immediately thought of “moon joggling”. This can involve the same goal of running 238,857 miles to the moon, while juggling balls that look like moons. If this distance isn’t challenging enough for you, then maybe you should consider jogging or joggling to Mars, which is 140 million miles(225.3 km) away from Earth, on average(this distance constantly changes due to the Earth and Mars having different orbits and because they move around the sun at different speeds).

238,857 miles or 140 million miles may sound like a lot to some of you, but compared to the size of the universe, this is nothing. The observable universe is a sphere with a radius of 46 billion light years – and it is expanding as I write this. One light year = 5.87849981 × 1012 miles(9.4605284 × 1012 kilometers). I think a saw an apartment in Manhattan the other day that went for around this much. It’s something of a brain exercise trying to imagine something so extremely vast, nevertheless, see if you can run that!