Chris Pert interviewed on Outside Health and Fitness Podcast!

If you can’t get enough of joggling, and can tolerate some awful jokes, check out the Chris Pert aka the “Wild Juggler” interview on the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast, hosted by Steve Stearns: Wild Juggling with Chris Pert

I’ve never done something like this before, and it was kind of fun. The interview is largely about the Yonkers marathon which I’ve been told I ran(while juggling) a few weeks ago, and the basics of joggling and its possible benefits. As I’m sure many of you know, I’m all about outdoor fitness, so be sure to visit Outside Health and Fitness before going on your next outdoor adventure. Not only does it have everything you need to know to get the most out of your outdoor fitness routine, it also contains a lot of helpful health advice.

I hope you all enjoy the interview and the site!

6 responses to “Chris Pert interviewed on Outside Health and Fitness Podcast!

  1. I love that you juggle and jog. My son does both, but not together. Steve Stearns interviewed me too in April about my hike across the Grand Canyon. He seems like a great guy.

    • Hi Jeanne, thanks for coming by!

      I loved your interview. I especially loved the business card-tea bag you give out and the E Roosevelt quote.

      I found your story, especially when you recovered from that near-death experience and surgery very inspiring, you’re a very resilient person. You’re right, Steve is great, he has a real eye for talent(which is itself a talent). I don’t know why he isn’t more famous. I would love to walk that mighty trail in Spain too, besides the Grand Canyon. Congrats for hiking across the Grand Canyon, and great advice on living life to its fullest. Keep writing those novels and adventuring. Take care!


      • Thanks, Chris. Just listened to your interview. Sounds like fun. You should write a How to Joggle book. There’s nothing on Amazon yet. Lots of runners out there who might be looking for something to ease the boredom. Good luck.

      • Hi Jeanne,

        I think it would be a little too presumptuous for me to write a book about joggling, considering my lack of experience. I am also not a world record holder when it comes to joggling. Some other jogglers have joggled dozens of marathons or are a lot faster than me, and they haven’t written any books about it. Besides this, I’m not that talented of a writer, though I can always try to improve it.

        If I were to write anything at all, maybe it would be a book about veganism + joggling, rather than just about joggling. I would have to run more marathons first. And you’re right, I’m sure a lot of runners would love to be able to do this. Again, you’re a real inspiration! You’re making me want to joggle the Grand Canyon. Have fun!

      • Let me know when you joggle the Grand Canyon. I’ll write about it for you!

      • That sounds like such a terrific idea! Maybe this could inspire another novel or two about the Canyon, who knows. Take care Jeanne.

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