Spectacular new running shoes

2013-11-10 20.49.50

My new ASICS sneakers in the front, my older New Balance sneakers behind it, and Sauconies in the back.

It’s always exciting getting a new pair of running shoes, especially after joggling 13.4 miles(21.5 km) to Valhalla. Almost miraculously, even with the cold heavy winds blowing leaves in my face, and mild nausea and stomach pain during the first half of the run, I didn’t drop the balls even once. It took me 2 hours and 7 minutes to complete this. The stomach issues were likely due to eating too many lentils for breakfast. I may need to join Lentil Addicts Anonymous some day.

Anyway, enough bragging. Due to all the running I do(40 – 60 miles a week), I need to get a new pair of sneakers every few months. For a long time I only wore New Balance, then tried out Saucony, and for the first time yesterday bought some ASICS.

I kept getting New Balance sneakers for a long time because my feet are kind of wide and their sneakers are usually wider than Nike or most other brands. Saucony is similar enough, and around here are usually cheaper than New Balance so I tried them for a change early this year.

I went with the ASICS this time because they had the exact size(8 1/2) I needed in wide. Neither Saucony, New Balance or any other brands had what I was looking for. I am not a particularly brand loyal kind of person, so I frequently switch brands when it comes to shoes, clothing, food and many other things. I don’t think there are big differences in quality when it comes to different brands of running shoes, in my experience. Also, a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean the sneaker is better.

I used to wear a size 8(the Sauconies in the above photo is an 8), but it kind of felt a little too small for me, so I’ve been wearing 8 1/2 since. There isn’t a whole lot of science when it comes to running shoes, except that you are better off buying sneakers in the evening because your feet tend to be bigger then than in the morning. I went shopping for mine in the afternoon, and so far the ASICS feel okay, but need to be broken in a little more.

I will still use the 8 1/2 New Balance sneakers occasionally(they are my Valhalla sneakers after all), for short runs or walks, but I think it’s about time I got rid of the older Sauconies. I hope I get used to the ASICS within a week.

What kind of running shoes do you wear?

In Valhalla after run. The Kensico Dam is behind me.

In Valhalla after run. The Kensico Dam is behind me.

12 responses to “Spectacular new running shoes

  1. I didn’t know feet tend to be bigger in the evening…thank you!

    • Not only are our feet bigger in the evening, we are also shorter. We are tallest in the morning because gravity compresses our spine during the day. Sometimes the difference from morning to night can be almost an inch in height. Thanks for coming by.

  2. I have a pair of Asics that I use for trail running; they’re comfy, and have great grip. I used to only look at the more pricey brands (like Nike / Adidas, since they’re prettier – typical girl) but find that my current pair was definitely a good choice!

    • Hi Nadia. Nice to meet another ASICS wearer. I’ve hardly used mine, so I can’t really say yet if they are better than my last New Balance pair, but so far they feel more comfy due to being a wide fit. You have a lot of amazing places to go trail running, I envy you!

      Thanks for coming by.

  3. I love Saucony. Ran two Comrades in them and one in Nikes.
    Also had a pair of Asics at one time.

    • I’ll definitely give Saucony another chance if I find them wide. How were the Asics? I’ll likely run my next marathon in them, and wear them through the winter(when not wearing boots). Good luck to you with your running. Thanks for coming by!

      • The Asics, like the Nikes were okay, but the soles/heels were blown rubber, whereas Saucony use compound rubber – at one time Goodyear 500 – and I tend to pronate a bit and the heels wore very quickly.
        Once I got used to Saucony I stuck with them.

      • That I did not know. There is so much hype and a lot of gimmicks when it comes to footwear, it’s hard to sort out the facts, never mind what is actually better. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I wore Nikes for many years but as I’ve increased my mileage, they aren’t the most comfortable. I went to get a proper gait analysis and ended up going with a pair of Asics as well. So far they are comfy but we’ll see how they hold up. Didn’t know about the soles/heels.

    • Hi Ghazalekh. Nice to meet another ASICS person. Keep us informed here, or wherever you want about how things are going with your sneakers. I’m very curious about these kinds of things.

      Take care and mamnun for your feedback. Do come again.

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