Fulfillment or happiness?


Just some food for thought for today.

Is fulfillment the same thing to you as happiness? If not, why? Do you ever feel fulfilled but not happy, or happy but not fulfilled?

What is more important to you, happiness, or fulfillment?

9 responses to “Fulfillment or happiness?

  1. Can’t be happy unless fulfilled. 🙂

  2. Happiness is a perma-smile that can come and go minute by minute based on a kind word, the color of the sky, or a divine meal shared with friends. It would be nice if life were always thus, but that is the art of fulfillment: the long-lasting knowledge that what you are doing and how you are living — no matter what comes your way — is the right path, not only for yourself but for another outside yourself.

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    Thought provoking stuff!!

  4. I, personally, don’t think hapiness and fulfillment are the same thing. Sometimes, I feel happy but, at the same time, I realize that there are lots of things to do in my life, or do them in better way, to achieve fulfillment. In my opinion, a person is trying to achieve fulfillment all his/her life long. Such is human nature.

    • That is a very wise outlook.

      I understand what you are getting at. A drug addict can be happy much of the time, so long as they are getting high from their favorite drug, but their life is hardly fulfilling since the drug distracts from their life’s real purpose.

      This is why it is sad to witness a drug addict destroying their life, in spite of the happiness they feel whenever they are on drugs.

  5. I am happy with stuff that don’t give me fulfillment. So, I totally agree with the comment above:)

  6. Happiness is fleeting…it drifts in usually for me because of something outside myself…and then away again. It’s also elusive…the harder we seek it, the further away it seems to be. Fulfilment however is an ongoing work of life. It comes from deep inside, and follows on from something which touches the core of who I am.

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